About Us

LockBlox is a self storage concept trying to lend a helping hand to the growing global environmental calamity in the cargo industry.


The vision for LockBlox was birthed after a desire to help the environment and make self storage more affordable.  It helps the customer with lower prices and also gives a useful yet positive purpose to the millions of containers sitting idle.

There are over 17 million shipping containers across the globe.  They transport more than 90 percent of the world’s cargo by sea.  They are strong, safe, and secure.  They are built to last and weather most harsh conditions. Many of surplus containers are not being utilized! As many as 10 million of the containers are just taking up space and being an eye sore with no functionality after they have delivered the cargo by sea.  


LockBlox is re-purposing the utilization of the container while also benefiting the global environment.